Go with environmentally friendly buses

by admin.

We live in the world where it is increasingly important to consider nature and to choose eco-friendly options. Nowadays you can make active choices such as, for example, choose to go with an environmentally friendly bus when you are at the airport.

It is true that the flight itself is a major encroachment on nature, but hopefully also aircrafts evolve to become more environmentally friendly in the near future. It would be very sad if all the opportunities of air travel available would disappear because humans cannot work out how they can become a “green aircraft”. But research is progressing in several different areas, and eventually we might get the chance to fly unrestricted in an environmentally friendly manner.

However, you can start to think about how you live every day. For example if you use public transportation, or if you are going to the airport, there are actually buses that are environmentally friendly to go with. On airshuttle.se can buy cheap tickets for shuttle buses that are actually manufactured in a way that makes them environmentally friendly.

Electricity is the new gasoline

Something that is really on the march is the manufacturing of electric vehicles, which are simply charged like other power-consuming gadgets we use in everyday life. With Air Shuttle you’re going cheap Stockholm to Arlanda, even if the bus is not powered by electricity. But that might be a reality soon.

When you go with Air Shuttle buses you will get access to Wi-Fi at no extra cost. You can also use the power socket for example if you need to charge your cell phone or use your computer. They’ve also designed the buses with extra legroom to make the trip as pleasant as possible. There is also plentiful space for all baggage to fit.

If you fly from London to Gothenburg, you have the chance to go with Volvo’s new electrical bus. These electric buses are powered entirely by electricity and it takes no less than six minutes to recharge the battery. Charging takes place with so-called fast chargers. Since this is an electrical bus the ride will be silent and also free from exhaust gasses. In fact, energy consumption is reduced by 80 percent when comparing the electric buses with diesel buses in the same size. Something that is very impressive and it demonstrates that we are finally on the right path.